An unparalleled ability to identify and react to real estate opportunities that others might overlook.


A passion for creative concepts – and solutions – that set George Oliver apart from the competition.


The ability to transform spaces, business and communities through a keen attention to detail.


A superior track record of successful investments, repeat clients, and happy tenants.

Our Philosophy

“Anything in life worth doing is worth doing right.”

George Oliver was built on this very simple philosophy. In a society built on short cuts and simplified solutions, George Oliver believes there’s a lost art in rolling up your sleeves to do a job right. The results of this strategy are reflected in our portfolio – a collection of exceptional real estate projects that go above and beyond market norms, where we asked the market what it needed and built projects that answer those needs with unmatched space for tenants and their employees.


The following George Oliver investments are being proudly transformed from obsolete buildings or business parks into first-class, institutional-quality, creative office buildings.


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