A Full-Service Shop


When seeking out new opportunities, our acquisitions team takes an extremely precise approach, with an underwriting process requiring an in-depth understanding of product, location, tenants and team. It’s yet another example of doing a job right, the George Oliver way, and often in ways that our competition does not. This gives us not only an edge, but also the ability to stay disciplined on our underwriting, ensuring that George Oliver acquires assets that perfectly fit our investment parameters.


Many times, the best real estate spaces can be found sitting empty, sometimes in the form of an old warehouse or sometimes as an under capitalized office park. The George Oliver team has a deep understanding of what it takes to transform these types of projects into the next great real estate success story. Beginning with a well-capitalized ownership team and a creative mindset, George Oliver time and again has uncovered the true potential of an asset by combining rezoning, permitting, design, construction and a unique marketing process that takes buildings from outdated to operating fully occupied, at their full potential.

Asset Management

Asset management, if done correctly, can be the heartbeat of a good real estate investment. George Oliver prides itself on its strategic, thoughtful and thorough asset management approach. This requires creating strong relationships with brokers, tenants, management and development teams in each market we own assets – relationships that allows us to do our job to the best of our ability and often get a “first look” when managing our real estate.


With a strong background in construction, Curt and his team understand more than most investment firms the challenges and risks associated with a successful development project. The George Oliver team has fully executed a host of large scale office, retail and industrial developments, working in close contact with construction partners to maximize efficiencies and minimize redundancy and development costs. It is something we do well, and we continue to seek out new opportunities to expand that track record of success.